Gordon Rimac

Chief Technology Officer, North American Bancard

Gordon Rimac is the chief technology officer for North American Bancard (NAB), a multi-faceted payment solutions provider dedicated to delivering the latest payments technology with the highest level of customer service. In 2001, North America Bancard (NAB) tapped Rimac to be its chief technology officer and manage the company’s growing technology requirements, and has driven NAB’s technical evolution for the past thirteen years. 

Rimac leads the expansion of NAB’s tech support team and its resources, developing a complete in-house technology department, and implementing systems along the way to allow NAB to automate many company processes. In 2010, Rimac and his team led the development of the core technology, software and Web systems with the company’s launch of PayAnywhere, a mobile and storefront payment service powered by North American Bancard.  

Prior to joining NAB, Rimac served as the chief engineer with OE Enterprise Solutions.  Rimac obtained a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from GMI Engineering and Management Institute, and a Master of Computer Science and Engineering from Oakland University. 

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